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SPP for Biodiesel

SPP for Biodiesel

SPP for Biodiesel


When mixed at a minimum rate of 0.25% with the diesel fuels used in vehicles, ships or industry, it reacts catalytically with them, which leads to a significant increase in the concentration of oxygen that maximises combustion, and so ensures the best thermo-dynamic performance.

The SOL POWER Plus Enhancement Reagent for biodiesel, along with the base fuel, provides major improvements that may be summarised as follows:

  • Thermo-dynamic efficiency
  • Mixture stability
  • Less corrosion
  • Fluidity at a lower temperature

In addition to greater fuel fluidisation, these circumstances have the following advantages:

  • Major saving, recording figures that always offset the coast of the product used
  • Increase in the useful life of the biodiesel, whether pure or in a mixture
  • Reduced maintenance

SOL POWER Plus para biodiesel, for biodiesel fully and quickly dissolves the paraffins and other impurities that are present to a greater or lesser extent in the biodiesel depending on its origin.

SOL POWER Plus para biodiesel, for biodiesel also dissolves most of the sludge that accumulates in tanks and piping, and precipitates water molecules when it is present in tolerable amounts.

SOL POWER Plus para biodiesel, for biodiesel improves combustion, avoiding the unburnt waste fuel that sticks to the walls of the thermo-dynamic equipment, which is the main cause of mechanical problems and wear.

SOL POWER Plus para biodiesel, for biodiesel guarantees excellent combustion for gaining all the advantages to be expected of its use with biodiesel.

Product packaging:

  • Package of 5 liters
    5 L
  • Package of 25 liters
    25 L